How Do You Know You’re Creating “Quality Content?”

Quality content rocks.

Who would disagree with that?

Absolutely no one.

…But how do you know if you actually deliver “quality content” to your market?

Let’s talk about some of the characteristics (and leading websites) and what makes
“quality content” in fact “quality content:”

  1. Your Market Always Finds “Quality Content” Useful

In a capitalist society, it’s all about serving your market. Give them what they want. Yes, some content does better than other pieces. You’ll always have variation.

But you’ll consistently see evidence of it. In your analytics, you’ll notice:

  • Long on-page times (or long watch times for videos)
  • Low bounce rates (below 70%)

Quality content simply starts with questions your target audience/market asks. They may ask you in your office frequently.

…And then you become an encyclopedia of information when you give them the answer.

  1. Example Site:

This site benefitted bigtime in Google’s most recent update, which targeted websites specifically in its niche.

That’s how you know it has “quality content.” You can also go to, enter a URL, and check the share count to gauge popularity.

So what makes this site’s content such a big deal?

Well, it serves a niche: people cooking at home.

The content is short, to the point, and written in simple language that’s easy to consume.

If you go to and enter in the website’s URL, you find out these are the top 5 most popular posts:

It’s easy to see why some of these posts are so popular:

  • Who wouldn’t want a free Dairy Queen ice cream cone?
  • Taco Bell is one of the healthiest fast food chains. Really?
  • A new fourth type of chocolate has been found. Wow! Who wouldn’t want to learn about that?

BuzzSumo works in every niche. You can even search by keyword. So, just enter in your top keywords or key phrases related to the subject matter you want to create, and find out what rocks in your niche.

Then, create your own unique version with additional info not found in the leading stories.


It really is that easy to find popular subjects to write about.

It simply takes some time and research.

So what does quality content look like?

It varies widely by niche. But now you know exactly what to do to find it, and then create your own version to serve your niche.

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