Do Business Blogs Still Make Sense in 2019 and Beyond?

Remember when a “blog” was this cool and unique thing that made you stand out?

What connotation does the word “blog” carry for you now?

Everyone has one. Has it become sort of this negative term because basically the only reason you have a blog is to keep Google happy?

You know…you just churn out a bunch of words, get no customers or sales from it, and then do it again. Ugh! Curse that stupid blog! It’s just another time-eater.

But, blogs are still potent business-building assets in 2019. It’s just that the uniqueness factor isn’t what sells them anymore.

Today, more than ever, your blog must have usefulness to your audience.

How to Maximize the Sales You Get From Your Blog

Truth be told, it’s practically impossible to measure the precise sales value of your blog. That’s because blogs work as a step on the customer’s sales journey.

First they read your blog post. Then they subscribe to your email newsletter. Then they join your Facebook page or Twitter profile. Then they read another blog post.

Finally, since you’ve kept their attention by being so useful, that person becomes a paying customer. This process can take a year, and even two.

So how much responsibility does your blog have for that sale? Is it 25%, 35%, 50%, 90%, more?

It’s hard to measure. But, it certainly plays a role and keeps interest. And here are some tips on getting the most sales from your blog:

  1. Intimately Understand Your Readers

Just because you publish a post doesn’t mean your readers care about it one bit. Many blogs suffer from the problem of not winning any interest.

Believe it or not, it’s easy to figure out what to write about in your blog (or shoot a video about if you decide on a video blog).

What questions do customers ask you in person all the time? You hear the same ones over and over.

Or, just ask your customers in person. Just say,”What would you really like to know more about?”

Not every one of these ideas will be a smash hit. But each will carry utility for segments of customers. And that will draw more readers in and give you more data on what they like and don’t like.

  1. Share Customer Stories

“Facts tell and stories sell” goes the marketing cliche. Whether or not you like cliches, they contain a boatload of truth.

You can tell your customers all day long about facts that support the proof of your products or services.

…And they’ll yawn. They won’t act. And they certainly won’t buy.

Now, switch to telling customer stories on your blog from time-to-time.

Make sure you share the problem they had which led them to you. Discuss why they opted to go with you instead of competitors. Show how they used your product or service. And then share the results.

No need to write like you’re the next J.K. Rowling. Just tell the story. And watch customers roll in like crazy. Customers with the same problems and concerns will come to you. So, to access different market segments, simply highlight stories with varying problems and solutions.

It works. Just try it.

So yes. Your blog is a potent marketing tool. And putting these tips to use will generate the sales you want.

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