Does Your Content Support the Entire Sales Cycle?

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Warning: this post gets a little complex. But, once you understand the information within, you’re going to be much smarter than most companies who use internet marketing. You’re probably at least a little familiar with the concept of a sales cycle, right? Your customers, whether businesses or consumers, have a certain set of steps they […]

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How to Boost the Click-Through Rate of Your Search Listings

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It’s no secret searchers by and large click on the top 3 search results. Some get smattered throughout the rest of the first page. After that, searchers don’t look at any more results. But, they don’t factor the top results in as their only consideration. They have lots of other factors in their decision. And […]

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How to Stay Competitive in Local Search During the Holidays

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The holidays bring lots of shoppers, more business, stress, and chaos. And of course, it intensifies the competition for search rankings to get all those additional customers. Check out these tips for beating your competition during the holidays: Do a Google Trends Analysis to See What Searchers Want Say your customers are looking for “fast […]

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Soon, It’s Likely All Your Browsing Will Be HTTPS Encrypted

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Google sets the tone for how the internet works. One of its visions that hasn’t had as much publicity is its desire to make all browsing encrypted. These days, Chrome uses now have at least 50% of the content they view delivered by HTTPS. That number jumps to 66% when you look at it in […]

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What to Do Immediately After a Google Algorithm Update

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On September 23rd, Google released the Penguin 4.0 real-time update. And not too much earlier than that, it also released Possum, which affected the Local 3-Pack. Sometimes, you get a little forewarning of the next update. Other times, SEOs and webmasters notice a big shake-up in their rankings and find out about the changes as […]

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New Google Penalty Means the End of Popups

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In a rare case, Google recently announced an algorithmic penalty to be applied to websites on January 10, 2017. This time, they’re attempting to put an end to disruptive and annoying popups. Note that this does not mean that it will put an end to all pop-ups. However, it will penalize websites for using the […]

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