3 Reasons to Use Bing Ads Instead of Google Adwords

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When you think of online marketing, you usually only think of Google. It’s your only option, isn’t it? Sometimes yes, and others no. Of course, it’s going to be your primary channel for marketing because that’s where most of the web’s traffic goes first. But, in the case of PPC ads, you may be better […]

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Google Adwords Hides Search Volume – What Now?

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During summer this year, search internet marketers began to notice an odd thing: Adwords started Google’s shown specific numbers ever since anyone can remember, so of course this got everyone’s attention. And what’s more, the ranges themselves are broad. In fact, they’re too broad to really be useful. SEO communities, of course, didn’t like this […]

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New Aberdeen Group Research Highlights Website Management Problems


You’ve heard us discuss best practices for websites before. But, it’s been some time since we’ve done so. And these standards change over time. Aberdeen Group recently released its research and findings on website management. And we’d like to share some of those with you here. So let’s dive right in. Why Care About Your […]

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SEO: Not Just Another Marketing Tactic, But a Central Focus


Early on, about a decade ago when SEO really started to become its own marketing discipline, it didn’t gain legitimacy in marketing. Sure, it was another tactic you could use. However, there were many more you could employ to bring in business. This attitude was generally held by both sophisticated B2B marketing companies and small […]

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Top 5 Types of Blog Posts to Produce to Engage Your Customer

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Have you heard the term “content saturation?” These days, it refers to the fact that some niches are bloated with content. You hear the same basic ideas from everyone. Some niches are “highly saturated.” For example, any commodity service like HVAC, law, anything medical, home care, and many others, have a glut of content available […]

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Does Your Content Support the Entire Sales Cycle?

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Warning: this post gets a little complex. But, once you understand the information within, you’re going to be much smarter than most companies who use internet marketing. You’re probably at least a little familiar with the concept of a sales cycle, right? Your customers, whether businesses or consumers, have a certain set of steps they […]

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