Where to Focus Your SEO Efforts in 2018

If you do any regular reading on SEO, you notice the barrage of posts predicting what changes will come.

That’s nice.

…But it doesn’t actually help you decide what to do. That’s because it focuses on what might happen. So that means those things might also not happen.

Instead of getting caught up in the what-ifs, focus on what’s almost guaranteed to happen. Trends that Google hammers over and over, making it obvious that if you focus your SEO efforts on those, you’ll continue to rank well in search for the foreseeable future.

Bearing that in mind, you can safely focus your time and money on these aspects of SEO and expect a fair return:

  1. Optimizing Your Site for Mobile Devices

Remember, Google changes its algorithm to meet the demands of the market. It has to. Otherwise, it loses billions of dollars.

Right now, the market increasingly searches using mobile devices.

“Optimization” here means not only using keywords and content, but it also means designing your site for mobile users. Images need to have their file size reduced so they load faster. Buttons need to be bigger so people can click them with their fingers.

Dozens of nuances exist that give mobile users an amazing online experience.

And your site needs to cater to them to keep its high rankings.

  1. Research Your Competitor’s Strategies

The nice thing about SEO is that you can fairly easily discover nearly exactly how your competitors do their SEO.

You research their site. You use one of many tools to discover their keywords and links. You look at their social profiles.

Of course, you must have a trained eye to know what to look for.

But, you can quite easily discover what your competitors are thinking and how you can top their strategies.

  1. Create a Small Content Team

Look, you know staying high in search has a lot to do with the content you produce.

Creating a content team has its challenges. And especially so for small businesses.

Maybe you can’t create your own small department like big businesses do.

But, you might have one of your employees do an interview with a writer from a SEO company.

Or, that writer might create a questionnaire to find and craft a story.

You could have one of your employees contribute a short post.

And maybe you the owner record a video from time-to-time.

You don’t need full-time content team members.

But, having multiple people contribute results in unique content angles. And uniqueness wins attention online. Because, as you know, you can always find 50 of every post you search for.

Regardless the size of your business, you can compete and win in SEO when you focus on these steps. And they’ll certainly serve you well here in 2018 and likely for decades beyond.

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