How to Dominate SEO in 2018

Think of your favorite sport.

Who’s your favorite coach in that sport?

…What do they constantly harp on?


Fundamentals. Fundamentals. Fundamentals.

Every successful coach understands the fundamentals. And they have a way of keeping their athletes focused on them and doing them right so they stay at the top of their game.

SEO is no different.

But, unlike sports, the fundamentals can change over time.

What do they look like for SEO in 2018 and beyond?

Something like this:

  1. Content Stays at the Top, And Especially This Kind of Content

A recent Social Media Examiner poll found 37% of marketers stated visual content was the most important kind for their business.

When you create visual content and promote it aggressively, you can attract your fair share of links and social media shares.

Infographics still work.

And so do embeddable images. “Embedabble images” have code others can easily grab and insert into their website.

Others will frequently link to it.

What if they don’t?

So what!

Visual marketing isn’t about tightly controlling the copyright to your image. You want your content to get out there and in front of people who will link to it and share it.

Most website owners understand that having outbound links to reputable sites like yours boosts their own SEO too.

  1. Include Video

Strange as it seems, video is still catching on, speaking in terms of its SEO value. You’d think websites would have understood and implemented this on a large scale by now.

But, that’s not the case.

First, understand YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine.

That shocked me. I thought that would be Amazon or Facebook.

But for now, the distinction rests in the hands of Google’s YouTube.

Many marketers simply won’t take the time to produce videos.

So, you have a distinct advantage when you produce videos and optimize them for YouTube.

  1. Unique Data

You’re certainly aware of the overabundance of content on nearly every subject.

It’s still possible to stand out with your own unique version.

But, it’s much harder than it used to be.

One easy way to differentiate and win attention is by publishing your own unique data.

You don’t have to do anything sophisticated.

Simply make it useful.

What if you run a “boring ol’ HVAC company?”

Publish data you 1) either research on your own or 2) find from a highly credible source that cites the number of Americans who feel uncomfortable with their home’s air temperature.

Or, do a quick survey of your own customers and publish the data.

Then, you wind up your discussion of the data with the fact that you offer a free audit that shows homeowners how you can help them stay cool and comfortable.

SEO doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. You just have to stay updated on what works…and what doesn’t.

And we’ll always be here to help you understand how to spend your time so you get the most value.

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