How to Stand Out on Social Media in 2018

Doesn’t it seem like Twitter and Facebook are bloated with people screaming their political opinions?

If you get that feeling, you’re not alone. 

As a small or local business, how do you stand out on social media in 2018, without doing something outrageous and making a complete fool of yourself?

Well, you can absolutely win attention.

And here’s a few ways you can do it:

  1. Own Your Unique Personality

Authenticity attracts attention. You could also call it “openness” or “transparency.” Maybe even “vulnerability” would be the right term.

See, most businesses don’t do this. They want to appear invulnerable, always having the answers and saying and doing the smartest thing.

You can certainly share your successes. But share what it’s like to truly be your business. Some of the greatest challenges you struggle with it during the day.

For example, you made an embarrassing mistake. Share it on social media. But also make sure you share what you learned from it and what you’ve done to fix it.

You could even turn it into an opportunity to show what you do for your customers when you make mistakes (because no business is perfect).

  1. Video Builds the Deepest Connections

Thanks to mobile devices, demand for video is surging.

Why do so many people prefer video to podcasts and written content?

Because you get to experience the humanity of the person talking.

It’s the next closest thing to sitting in the same room with that person.

Facebook opened up Watch to compete with YouTube late last summer.

YouTube has all sorts of mini-celebrities.

I’m not saying you have to create some sort of popular mini-series.

But you should include video wherever possible because it’s in such high demand.

  1. Strategize a Unique Approach

Most SMBs simply fill their social media channels with more content.

The market already has plenty of choices.

It wants a unique option.

So, let’s say you sell cleaning products to businesses.

How do you make that interesting on social media?

Record before/after videos of your customer’s experience with the product. Show how it makes the floors or countertops shiny and clean. And then follow up with the business results you get for your customer – such as fewer employee work-related illnesses. Or, time and money saved.

Boom. Now you have an interesting story.

Or, say you’re the standard HVAC company.

Share how the product or service you’re recommending helps your customers stay cool and comfortable.

Creative approaches like these win attention because they’re so rare.

Can you win attention on social media in 2018?

You bet.

It just takes some original thinking and willingness to take small risks!

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