How to Drive More Clicks, Subscribes, Phone Calls, and Emails from Your Website

You’ve got a wonderful website. You rank well. And you do get some business.

…Ahh. You can relax. Finally! Your job is done.


Your website, just like any aspect of your business, is never finished. You should perpetually be testing, adding, and refining.

Google actually demands this – although not to the extent we’re talking about. Google wants your website to continue to grow and provide value. It wants websites with a years-long proven track record of giving visitors incredible value at the top of its rankings.

And as you improve that, you’ll certainly get more buying action because of the increased exposure.

However, once you get prospects on your website, you want as many of them to buy as possible. And that’s its own process too.

Use these simple techniques to get more clicks, subscribes, phone calls, and emails right away:

  1. Tell Emotional Stories Your Visitors Can Relate To

Experienced (and successful) marketers know emotional stories trump every other marketing technique in existence.

This Proctor & Gamble commercial for moms shows you an emotional story:

It’s been one of the most successful advertising campaigns ever because it strikes at the core of what it means to be a mom.

Show a mom this commercial. Ask what she thinks. She’ll love it.

So when you write on your website, describe emotions. Discuss the pain of the problems your customer experience…and the joy and benefits they get when you help them overcome.

…And don’t hold back. The more emotional, the better.

The human brain doesn’t remember boring facts and stats nearly as well as emotionally gut-wrenching stories.

Ironically, that’s a fact!

  1. Use Time-Limited Offers

Putting a time limit on a special offer always drives more buying action. That’s guaranteed.

The trick lies in how you structure the offer. You can never know for sure which offer will drive the most interest.

For example, let’s say you offer a service, like a HVAC system efficiency analysis.

You could try the following offers:

  • Only the next 5 customers who contact us get a free HVAC system efficiency analysis.
  • Get a free HVAC system efficiency analysis. Hurry! The offer ends in 24 hours at 3 PM sharp.
  • Just 3 hours to get your free HVAC system efficiency analysis. And we don’t know when we’ll have this offer again.

…Don’t say something vague like,”Good for a limited time only.” No one knows what that means. So, they think the offer may likely be available for weeks yet. As a result, they feel no need to act now. Then they forget and never act.

Using this persuasion technique gets those on-the-fence prospects off and turns them into paying customers.

You’ll have to test your offers to find out which one works best.

If you want more buying action, add those two techniques to your website.

They’ll work. Guaranteed.

The only question: to what extent?

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