SEO: Not Just Another Marketing Tactic, But a Central Focus

Early on, about a decade ago when SEO really started to become its own marketing discipline, it didn’t


gain legitimacy in marketing. Sure, it was another tactic you could use. However, there were many more you could employ to bring in business.

This attitude was generally held by both sophisticated B2B marketing companies and small and local businesses. TV, radio, flyers, the Yellow Pages, newspaper ads – there was an abundance of marketing tactics available that still worked.

Today, you can still use all of those tactics. But, marketing’s morphed to where SEO should really be the focal point of all your efforts. And we’re not just saying this because we’re a “SEO company.”

It’s the way things now work.

Let us explain more about why:

  1. Consumers and B2B Buyers Simply Don’t Use Other Methods for Finding Businesses Like They Used To

When you think about it, TV isn’t the main way information spreads anymore. It can still work for larger brands. But, people go to the web now.

Newspapers barely get read. Flyers can still work. So can direct mail. Radio commercials happen too fast and people forget the information. No one reads the Yellow Pages. Billboards are forgotten.

Not that any of these can’t be part of your marketing strategy anymore. But, the web’s so convenient and widely used that all these other avenues have lost much of their potency.

  1. Everyone Goes Online First to Get What They Need

Millennials, many of whom do not know life without an internet connection, are now turning 34. There’s around 75 million Millennials, and they’re now entering their prime earning years. As consumers, they prefer to navigate the web to get what they want.

Many C-level execs, when they need a product or service, assign their Millennial staff to do research for them. Older generations, of course, are quite used to the connected world, and how it works, too.

SEO Must be the Central Focus of Any Marketing Strategy

Today, many businesses, local and national, still minimize the importance of SEO in their marketing. They view it as just another tactic, rather than the central hub of all their marketing.

You don’t have a choice in this anymore. Your customers, no matter who they are, want to get to know more about you online. You can certainly use other tactics too. But, SEO must remain central to your marketing efforts.

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